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Sweet Valley High Books for Sale! [13 Jul 2009|09:16pm]
1. Double Love (2 copies)
2. Secrets (2 copies)
3. Playing With Fire (3 copies)
4. Power Play (2 copies)
5. All Night Long (2 copies)
6. Dangerous Love
7. Dear Sister
8. Heart Breaker
10. Wrong Kind of Girl
11. Too Good to be True
13. Kidnapped
14. Deceptions
16. Rags to Riches
19, Showdown
20. Crash Landing
21. Runaway
23. Say Goodbye
30. Jealous Lies
32. The New Jessica
34. Forbidden Love
35. Out of Control (2 copies)
40. On the Edge
44. Pretenses
47. Troublemaker
50. Out of Reach
58. Broken Hearted

Last Wish
Jessica’s Secret Diary Volume II
Elizabeth’s Secret Diary Volume II

Super Edition:
Spring Break
Special Christmas

Super Thriller:
On The Run

Super Thriller Box Set:
On the Run
Double Jeopardy
No Place to Hide
Deadly Summer

Magna Edition:
Return of the Evil Twin

Super Star:
Enid’s Story

Sweet Valley Saga:
The Patmans of Sweet Valley
The Fowlers of Sweet Valley

Sweet Valley University:
The House of Death (Thriller Edition)

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[28 Oct 2006|09:02am]
I cannot believe the cardinals actually won the world series. I'm so proud.

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[19 May 2006|02:15pm]
so there's not better way to figure out how to spend your birthday money and then some than finding out you need new tires. seriously, does anyone ever get a break, or does it always have to be something?

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[17 May 2006|03:22pm]
my promise to update more often didn't really work, eh? it's been a rough (especially financially) couple of months. my computer broke (unfixable), so i ordered a new one from dell. i like it. i had $4000 worth of hail damage to my baby, i mean car. in february, of all months for a hail storm. luckily, insurance covered all but the deductible. i've had to have some dental work done, because i was bad and didn't go for awhile because of insurance, but it's all better now. it's actually going to be a super busy month or so ahead. tomorrow is my birthday. i made the mistake of saying turning 23 made me feel old, and tom gave me a look, he's 28. guess it made him feel old. we're going to a cardinals game for my birthday. i really like the new stadium. then, tomorrow night is the rehearsal for my cousin's wedding, which is saturday. saturday is also our six month anniversary, but it feels like we've been together for a lot longer. sunday is my sister-in-law's baby shower. they're having a girl and naming it macie marie. i think it's an adorable name. in the weeks to come, we've got my brother's graduation party, tom's family reunion, my friend stacey's wedding, and a float trip. i'm not used to having so many things to do!

i have to go renew my driver's license now. i hope i take a decent picture, i have to look at it for the next six years. ;)

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[05 Oct 2005|10:46pm]
- i love october.
- and fall, fall is good too.
- i really, really want a doggie.
- i need a way to make more money.
- but my morals keep me from being a hooker, thief, or drug dealer.
- tom cruise and katie holmes are having a baby...
- that's all i have to say about that, other than joey should've stayed with eddie.
- the girl at the lancome counter today sweet talked lauren and i into buying the holiday juicy tube set.
- i want to go shopping, even though i can't find much out there right now that i actually like.
- i shop all the freakin' time it seems.
- i should find a way to make that my profession.
- barnes & noble opened and i went in today and i was bitter about it.
- i have an incredible urge to order 23497897 things from maccosmetics.com
- but i won't.
- i do have some self control.
- really.

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[20 Sep 2005|10:59pm]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. barnes & noble:
    i love books. i worked for their company for awhile until the b.dalton near me closed. my favorite book store.
  2. brand new:
    deja entendu is on my top 3 favorite albums ever. holds a special place in my heart for a certain time. chances are, if i put in my cd player in my car, i won't take it out for a month. tim makes fun of me for it.
  3. elvis:
    who doesn't like elvis?! go visit graceland, it's a very enjoyable trip.
  4. garden state:
    maybe it's the psychology major in me, or maybe it's just the humanist in me, but this movie was brilliant.
  5. howie day:
    i don't even really listen howie day anymore. ha. guess that's how long it's been since i updated my interests.
  6. johnny depp:
    need i say more?
  7. my grandma's engagement ring:
    my grandma had her engagement ring resized to fit me. my grandparents have been married almost 60 years! it's very simple, gold band, some silver detailing, and one teensy, tiny diamond in the middle. but it's beautiful, and means so much to me. i wear it every day.
  8. shopaholic:
    oh boy. i would be a professional, if it was considered a profession.
  9. sophie kinsella:
    it may not be the best literature, but i've fully enjoyed all the shopaholic books, can you keep a secret, and the undomestic goddess.
  10. timmy.:
    best boyfriend, best friends, ever. i really don't know what i'd do without him, and i'm not willing to even think about it.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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life made rookies of us all. [17 Aug 2005|11:07pm]
my favorite season used to be winter. i enjoy the cold, crisp air, the snow, and the clothes. sweaters, scarves, coats, and boots were my favorite. however, this past year has been different. i've loved every season. fall was gorgeous with the colors changing, leaves everywhere. being able to walk outside with long sleeves, but no coat or jacket. then winter came, and it was wonderful. mostly because it held the first christmas that had went off without a hitch, no family drama whatsoever. that was the first christmas in a long time that things felt "right." then there was the spontaneous trip to the arch with tim while it was snowing. that memory will always be special to me. spring was, well, spring. flowers blooming everywhere. the month of may has always been special because of my birthday and lots of change seems to happen in the spring, like graduation this year. i used to detest summer. i had no need for humidity that is abundant in st. louis, but this year i've longed for the heat to touch my skin. i used to find tank tops annoying, this summer i've lived in them. i find myself cranky on days that the sun isn't shining. this comes from a girl who used to sympathize with that garbage song, "only happy when it rains." the thing is, nothing about the seasons in this past year has been different than any other season i've lived through in the past 22 years. i'm the one who has changed, not the seasons. it's like i'm almost content with things just the way they are. i will be the first to admit, i'm not completely cured, but i feel like i've loosened my grip a tiny bit on trying to change things that are beyond my control. i don't know when, or how it happened. i guess i've just had a lot of growing up to do in the last year or so. i suppose learning to accept things and roll with the punches is just a part of growing up. i don't know where exactly i'm headed, but i kind of like the way it's feeling right now. even if i don't have the perfect job just yet. i know that's not all there is out there to make me happy.

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[16 Aug 2005|02:53pm]
i've made an end-of-summer resolution: to write in this thing more often. lord knows i should have plenty of time seeing as how almost everyone i know is heading back to classes next week. it is really starting to set in that i am not going back to school. i'm done, i've graduated. this is it. now what? this job search has been tedious and not very rewarding. i must not be trying hard enough, or maybe i'm just one of a million fish in the sea. i have one lead currently, but i'm trying not to get too excited for fear of being let down or jinxing myself. although, i know it is inevitable because it is a position i really want. i guess i'll just have to wait and see.

this summer has been time well spent with new friends, old friends, and of course, tim. i've spent many a nights watching his band, the jupiter complex treat our ears with their acoustic treasures.

i've spent a lot of time convincing myself not to spend money, but i have allowed myself a few splurges here and there. mostly lip gloss, i have a weakness for lancome juicy tubes. i've found a friend in a co-worker, lauren, who can share my love of lip gloss, as well as humorous chick lit. currently, i'm reading the undomestic goddess by sophie kinsella of the shopaholic series. it may not be the best literature, but it does keep me entertained. i've been making my way through the first nine seasons of friends. i'm in the middle of season five. it never gets old.

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soco amaretto lime. [30 Jun 2005|12:09am]
so i thought they would call either way about the job. they said middle of the week. today is the middle of the week. i'm probably freaking out over nothing. i'm gotten into making photoalbums/scrapbooknig lately. hobby lobby is my new hangout. jimmy fallon is on conan right now. two late night boyfriends in one show! have i ever mentioned my (real - not television) boyfriend is in a band? he is. he's the frontman. they played last night. you should all come see them sometimes. i love him. he feeds me shots of rumple minze (favorite) from the bottle i had him buy for me to keep at his house as needed. 100 proof. yikes. i've been on an old brand new kick lately. the low fuel light's been on for days, but it doesn't mean anything. i got another five hundred, another five hundred, another five hundred miles to go before i shut this engine down.

i leave you all with something to ponder. my favorite drink of choice while out is simple, vodka and cranberry. we all know cranberry juice is good for you, but does the vodka cancel out all of the good the cranberry does? or does it just even it out? that's my favorite thing to ask people when we're out. the answers you get from people who are intoxicated, slightly buzzed, or sober are all quite interesting.

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[23 Jun 2005|10:53pm]
i have a job interview tomorrow at 12:30. at a high school, to work in their library. i'm interested in getting my masters in school counseling, so this would be a foot in the door with the school district. i want this, i think. i'm nervous like you wouldn't believe.

and i don't know what to wear.

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